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Prelude to a Hairball

Several years ago, when 30 seemed like an age that I’d never be, I made a vow to myself: “If you’re still single when you turn 30, self, you need to get a cat.”  I love cats, and my family … Continue reading

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If you can read this…you’re too close.

Let’s be honest: this post has been a long time coming. I live in New Jersey. We gotta talk about the driving here. “But…” you say, “the driving is bad in lots of places. Driving in Manhattan, driving in DC? … Continue reading

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Deck the Halls

Why is it that all elementary schools, in one way or another, smell the same? Even after all these years since I was a student in one myself, I can walk into a grade school and immediately be transported back … Continue reading

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Life imitating art?

I have seen the movie “Forrest Gump” once, I think. Some folks I know could play that “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game with no outside assistance, or could quote every line from just about every major movie. I am … Continue reading

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This is dedicated to the one I (don’t) love

As a person with a largely unfortunate track record when it comes to relationships, I feel qualified to make the assertion that being broken up with can make you think like a crazy person. And I say that not in … Continue reading

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Sleep is supposed to be

“Sleep is supposed to be, By souls of sanity, The shutting of the eye.” – Emily Dickinson Sometimes I have insomnia. Actually, frequently I have insomnia. It’s not a chronic thing though, and is usually self-inflicted. For example, I have … Continue reading

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Nice to meet ya. What do you do?

(As promised, a post from another coast…sort of. Texas, really. Either way, read and enjoy! And many thanks to Jessica for writing this!) Job titles frighten me. Like my super friend just pointed out, most people can define their occupation. … Continue reading

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