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Prelude to a Hairball

Several years ago, when 30 seemed like an age that I’d never be, I made a vow to myself: “If you’re still single when you turn 30, self, you need to get a cat.”  I love cats, and my family … Continue reading

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So, a couple years ago, the “awkward turtle” was all the rage. You know, that thing that you do with your hands and thumbs when there’s a situation that makes you want to scream/fade into the background/make it go away. … Continue reading

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Crazy Cat Lady, redefined

In light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I’d like to examine a topic that’s been discussed over and over and over again: this atrocious winter weather. No, no. That’s not right. Being a single twenty-something. Thaaaaaat’s what I meant to … Continue reading

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