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I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

If I’m totally honest, I have to admit that I spend an awful lot of time pondering the intricacies of communication. So, if you will, imagine with me for a second that we live in a world where communication is … Continue reading

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Food, glorious food

If you know me at ALL, you know that I like food. A lot. I actually get in a pretty impressive funk if my schedule’s too hectic for me to cook, and grocery stores are a central element in any … Continue reading

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Like so many other hapless teenagers, I had braces. And while the vast majority of middle school has been blessedly blotted out of the fabric of my mind with the stain-remover of Time, there are a handful of notable traces … Continue reading

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Crazy Cat Lady, redefined

In light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I’d like to examine a topic that’s been discussed over and over and over again: this atrocious winter weather. No, no. That’s not right. Being a single twenty-something. Thaaaaaat’s what I meant to … Continue reading

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Words, words, words

So. Words. They can be our greatest, and sometimes only means of communication, especially in this day and age of being constantly available via technology. How amazing is it to be able to communicate with someone halfway across the world … Continue reading

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